Daily Schedule

8:30-9:20Playing time
9:40-10:00Morning Circle time
Basic English lesson / Singing / Dancing etc.
10:00-10:30①First Period
English lessons by each class (5 days a week)
Reading / Writing / Phonics / words etc.
10:30-10:55Outside play
10:55-11:25②Second Period
Math / Science & Geography / Art & Craft / Montessori / Japanese language (for non-Japanese students)
11:40-12:30Lunch time
12:45-14:30Nap time
or coloring/reading book/textbook
15:00-15:30Snack time
15:30-16:10Afternoon circle time
English lessons / conversations / presentations
16:10-16:40English activities
(Cards. Art&Craft, etc.)
17:00-18:30Individual English lessons
Playing time

※The schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions or events such as individual birthday party.
※Afterschool program is same as above.

Level of class

We provide instruction specifically geared to the student’s age and level of proficiency.
The following developmental goals are based on students who attend our school full-time, 5 days/week.
Please keep in mind that these goals depend on each student’s individual development.

Age 3-4 years class
Students enjoy conversing with friends and teachers in English. Group play will begin, and students will be able to use English in complex play and while working together with friends. Students gradually will be able to speak full English sentences.

Students will be able to participate in Circle Time and English classes. They also will start simple math classes and further improve their English skills.
Students will start to learn how to perform daily tasks independently, while continuing to gain independence at lunchtime and working on toilet training.
Age 5-6 years class
(UKG/Grade 1)
Students will be able to have more complex conversations in English, such as discussing and debating their opinions with classmates and then explaining their discussion to the teacher in English. Students also will be able to conduct standard conversations in English with greater fluency.

In Circle Time, students serve as role models and mentors. In class, students focus on mathematics and other subjects that interest them, while improving their English skills.

As the oldest students in the program, they develop greater independence, serve as an example for younger students, and take more initiative.

Monthly Schedule

Evacuation drill
Body measurement
Art & Craft day
Music day
Birthday party

Annual Schedule

Welcome party (April)
Medical examination (May)
Dental examination (June)
Playing in water (July / August)
Summer Festival (August)
Halloween party (October)
Medical examination (November)
Christmas party (December)
Graduation party (March)

Commissioned Doctor


Dr. Hiroshi Hoshida
Director of Hoshida pediatric clinic


Dr. Mei Kozuru
Director of Aquario pediatric dentistry

Message from our commissioned doctor

Hello everyone!
I am Mei Kozuru, the school dentist for Smile International School.
I will be in charge of regular checking and advice of your child's mouth, as well as individual consultations.